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This group is created to collect emotive, conceptual & expressive artworks.

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What's up viewers!! :D

Carlos here reporting in.

I will officially be ready to graduate from Fullerton College this Saturday on May 28 of 2016. Is this awesome? Yes it is. I'll only type out new journal entry here today instead of Saturday because I won't be in my home all Saturday long. For those of you who are going to Graduate from any type of School (High School, Technical College School, Career College School, Community College, University, Academy School, Military School, etc.) in Spring 2016, congratulations!! And for the rest of graduates who are ready to graduate from school tomorrow, Saturday, or next month (including Summer), be ready! You are one step towards moving on to your new lives and for your Future. Congratulations to Class of 2016! :clap: :D

For today's journal feature, I will be featuring any images that are considered related to be Graduation. Enjoy these wonderful images right below my journal entry for ECE-Group:

1. graduation by lunaticjoker

2. Graduation~Graduation~
Here we are together
We've been through it all
The fights, the break-ups,
The drama that was everywhere
And through it all we made it
Standing here today
I don't know what to say or do
Tears are running down my face
I'm not sure what for
Is it because we are finally here
Or is it because we are saying good-bye
I wish so much that I could say
"I'll see you in the fall!
Have a good summer!"
But then I might be lying
Some I might never see again
Graduation is finally here
Seems like yesterday
We were freshman so unsure
God how could the years go by so fast?
We promise to keep in touch
But twenty-years from now
Will we really be friends,
Or will we just be memories
One things for sure though
We'll always  have the memories
That we managed to make
The good ones, the bad ones,
And the straight out ugly ones.
I know the good ones will
Out number all the rest
Good luck with your life
And now let us go
Our different ways
And always remember
The fights, the break-up

3. Graduation by jennee

4. graduation by L-A-B-O

5. ...:: graduation ::... by metincakmak

6. GraduationWe were once children of innocence
Unknown to any dimensions of vengeance
Acquiring, unearthing knowledge of warm and cold
Running and walking to places so old
But it's wierd how time passes by so fast
The present suddenly becomes the past
Let's go back to all the unforgettable times
Unleash and unravel the memories in the lines
Amazed when we first set foot in this school
Like strangers saying, "WOW, this is so cool!"
But now we say, "I won't miss this old place"
Yes, sometimes it's true, but not the memories we've embraced
Remember the countless friends we've made?
Friends more priceless than gold, onyx or jade
Each has a big piece in our hearts and never ask why
Now say a true friendship never really dies
We had our first crush* and our first love
Born from friendships, but it's a hard job
We gave our time and we also cared
All the happiness and kindness we shared
It is really great when hanging out with buddies
Fly to fiestas, even not invited, and eat YUMMIES!
Look for gifts, shir

7. Twilight's Graduation by PixelKitties

8. graduation speechGraduation Speech
     Good evening, everyone.
      “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”
     So, following the wise words of Oscar Wilde, I won’t talk about how tonight is probably the last night the class will be together, or how this is the last time many of us will see each other. I won’t talk about how finally we are being thrown out from our cozy, comfortable lives into the shiny new world, to start fending for ourselves (to a degree) and to discover our own identities.
     Instead, I will start by talking about llamas.
     Llamas are those adorable camelids from South America. They are furry and slightly disproportionate quadrupeds, and some of the most important animals for people in the Andes. Their fur is used for fabrics and they work as pack animals. Thousands were used to bring down meta

9. Graduation by ituki-t

10. Graduation by katiediazz

11. Graduation by imladris517

12. graduation by SWDPhoto

13. Graduation DayGraduation Day:
They told us we would be alright...
We had fought with honour and won our titles.
We had overcome trials together -
Watching dozens of our siblings fall in the line of duty.
For this they had promised us, a wondrous welcome;
A bountiful world of adventure, with a myriad of paths.
All this, they said, awaited us in the stone cities.
Large metropolises, where the working folk resided...
There were hundreds of us, who made that journey.
Walking miles across the scorching desert,
Clinging to a hope of the fortunes beyond.
Yet what awaited us was not a promised land -
Nor was it a life based on the merit we had earned...
Instead we found ourselves quarantined,
Pitching tents of inexperience-
Huddling together for comfort and warmth;
As the great gates of employment stood eerily silent.
-Chen Yuan Wen, 18 June 2013

14. Danbo's Graduation Day by BryPhotography

15. Graduation by FlashW

16. Graduation Day by skoox

17. Graduation by razorsfire

18. Graduation by moo-chi-64

19. Graduation logo by MSFA

20. Graduation Monster by loveandasandwich

I'll be updating today's journal sometime this weekend. Meanwhile, you have a great weekend viewers. :D

-CarlosAE (Current founder of ECE-Group)
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My name is Carlos Escamilla at your service. I am now a contributor of this group all thanks to Rebecca Roske aka Eiseblume! ^^
I will definitely answer your questions about anything you need help with in this fan group right here (you can also ask other dA members here in case if I'm absent). I will vote gallery submissions if any of you submitted your art piece in this group. If your deviation is not well meet, as in declined, in a specific gallery folder, I will try my best to give you reason(s) why your deviation is declined. As of now, Rebecca Roske (Eiseblume) will be unactive in deviantART due to time management and work days. If you want to be a contributor, feel free to contact Rebecca in her account by sending her a note. She will return to respond soon. :)
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